Investment Highlights

Investment Highlights Into American Communities

  • The Ashby Legacy Foundation, ensuring all students from the rural community are able to attend college after high school.
  • Colon Cancer Coalition
  • Rural kids getting online educational experiences.
  • $10,000 in nursing scholarships to nursing and healthcare students at M-State and Sanford Medical Center and other institutions
  • McPhail Center for Music
  • $20,000 to RIP Medical to alleviate $2 million in medical debt for Americans struggling with crushing medical debt
  • Honor Flight, for veterans of foreign wars.
  • Merit Care Foundation
  • Restored, Inc,
  • Lake Region Healthcare Foundation
  • Numerous national healthcare charities
  • Numerous scholarships to young American’s pursuing their education beyond high school in fields that will allow them to serve American communities after attending colleges, universities and trade schools throughout the United States.